Consumer Surveys and Expert Testimony for Litigation

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Applied Marketing Science provides expert witness testimony for consumer litigation surveys


Applied Marketing Science, Inc. (AMS) has over 30 years of experience conducting consumer litigation surveys for complex legal matters. Surveys can be critical pieces of evidence in high-stakes litigation—but only when conducted with scientific rigour, carefully analyzed, and supported by clear, authoritative expert testimony. Our decades of experience, methodical approach and expert understanding of the litigation process have helped us consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients.


Our network of talented litigation survey experts has extensive experience in testifying in deposition and at trial and understand the challenges that surveys for legal matters can face when presented as evidence. By providing impeccable service backed by decades of experience, we not only preserve our own reputation but help to protect and refine the reputations of the attorneys we support.


When brand equity, intellectual property, or reputation is at stake, your clients need litigation surveys that will hold up under intense questioning and are delivered by expert witnesses who can withstand even the most rigorous Daubert challenge. The litigation survey experts at AMS understand that a defensible survey requires a thorough understanding of the case, a solid survey, concise data gathering, and close collaboration with your team.

Our Survey Experts

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