Kara Van Allen


Kara Van Allen is an analyst for the Litigation Support practice at Applied Marketing Science.

In her role at AMS, Kara has worked for the Litigation Support practice on a wide range of cases related to trademark infringement and deceptive advertising. She is involved with all aspects of litigation market research projects, including exploratory research, survey design, data collection, data analysis, and report development.

Before starting at AMS, Kara completed her undergraduate education at Smith College, where she majored in Statistical and Data Sciences, as well as Logic. At Smith is where she discovered her love for data science and analysis, and she is a proud member of the American Statistical Association, where she continues to advocate for women in Statistics and Data Science.

She was also on the Tennis team, where she competed at the DIII level in the NEWMAC conference for Smith. At the intersection of her two passions is sports statistics which is one of her favorite after-work activities and can often be found watching the WNBA and NFL and following sports stat blogs.

Kara grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but is slowly falling in love with Boston. Besides work, Kara loves hiking and all things outdoors. Her greatest accomplishment was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with her father and hopes to embark on another large hike like that again.

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