Designing consumer perception surveys in false advertising cases: Common issues and considerations

Consumer perception surveys are frequently offered in false advertising disputes, and the ability to evaluate survey evidence is an invaluable skill for case participants. Attorneys who are able to identify methodological strengths and weaknesses in a survey can communicate more effectively with clients and better collaborate with survey experts to create reliable surveys and evaluate survey evidence offered by an opponent.

Survey expert Caroline Otis, Ph.D. and advertising attorney (and frequent NAD participant) Terri Seligman, J.D., provide their perspectives on key methodological issues for consumer perception surveys designed to measure likelihood of deception.

These survey experts will cover design issues and considerations related to the survey stimulus, control, questions, and analysis such as:

  • How should a survey present a website stimulus?
  • Why is a control group necessary?
  • How do I identify a leading question?
  • What is net deception and how is it calculated?

AMS Presenters: Caroline C. Otis, Ph.D. and Terri Seligman, J.D. (Frankfurt Kurnit Klein + Selz)
Time: 29:02
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