Antitrust Surveys

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) is experienced in developing and implementing surveys for the purposes of antitrust litigation. Antitrust surveys are used to provide market definitions, as well as assess market power, based on consumers’ current use of products and services as well as their perceptions of the available market choices. These surveys help to identify the relevant market for products and services.

AMS consultants and survey experts are experienced in conducting consumer surveys for litigation and have a strong understanding of the legal standards for antitrust survey research. The consumer surveys we conduct for antitrust matters are designed to measure potential switching behavior to assess issues such as product substitution and displacement, as well as potential simulation of the use of a product or service in the relevant market. We take care to ensure that every facet of our antitrust surveys can withstand critiques from the opposing party.

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Applied Marketing Science, Inc.
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Applied Marketing Science, Inc.
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