Claim Substantiation Surveys

“Most recommended by doctors”
“Preferred by more mothers”
“Rated #1 by customers”

Advertising claims like these can be extremely effective.

However, in order to make these claims, advertisers must have objective evidence to support the claim before they make it. Claims like these must be substantiated based on “competent and reliable scientific evidence.” Failure to adequately substantiate a claim may lead to legal challenges that waste both time and precious marketing dollars. This means it’s critical to make claim substantiation part of your marketing strategy from the beginning.

Claim substantiation surveys are frequently used to measure consumer attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors. A company might commission a survey to determine, for example, whether they can support an advertising claim that customers prefer their product or service over a competitor’s. Given the level of scrutiny the claim may face from competitors, it is important that a substantiation survey be designed, executed, and analyzed by an experienced survey expert.

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) consultants and survey experts are experienced in conducting consumer surveys to substantiate claims made in advertising, packaging and labeling, and other types of marketing communications. Our claim substantiation surveys can successfully withstand potential challenges from competitors, and have been submitted and used as evidence in matters involving a broad range of products and services.

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