Deceptive Advertising Surveys

In cases involving false advertising or deceptive messages, Applied Marketing Science, Inc. (AMS) can develop and implement survey instruments to measure consumers’ response to advertising, packaging and labeling and other communications related to allegedly deceptive claims and messages, including incidents of alleged “dark patterns.”  

We are rigorous in designing and analyzing our false advertising and deceptive advertising surveys, from the identification of the survey population and development of control stimuli, to the design of question format and wording and the selection of the proper statistical analysis. Our consumer surveys have been submitted to courts and NAD proceedings to prove and refute allegations of deceptive advertising.  

AMS consultants and survey experts are experienced in conducting false advertising and deceptive advertising surveys for litigation and have a strong understanding of the legal standards for survey research. The consumer surveys we conduct in deceptive advertising cases are designed to evaluate the message(s) that consumers take away from an advertisement or other communication and whether or not such a message is material to consumers’ potential purchase decisions. AMS has successfully conducted false advertising and deceptive advertising surveys for litigation matters involving a broad range of products and industries. 

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