Meet the Experts

Our talented academic experts and practitioners have all testified extensively in deposition and at trial. They have specific expertise in market research methodology and statistics, as well as consumer behavior, social psychology, advertising, branding, economics and other related areas.

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Robert L. Klein, S.M.

Chairman and Co-Founder
Applied Marketing Science

Brian M. Sowers, M.B.A.

Principal and Practice Lead
Applied Marketing Science

Steven Gaskin, S.M.

Applied Marketing Science

Jacqueline A. Chorn, Ph.D.

Associate Principal
Applied Marketing Science

Ravi Dhar, Ph.D.

George Rogers Clark
Professor of Marketing
Yale School of Management

Geoffrey T. Fong, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology
University of Waterloo

John R. Hauser, Sc.D.

Kirin Professor of Marketing
MIT Sloan School of Management

Harry Lawless, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Food Science
Cornell University

Himanshu Mishra, Ph.D.

David Eccles Professor of Marketing
University of Utah

Nathan Novemsky, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing
Yale School of Management

Stephen M. Nowlis, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing
Olin School of Business
Washington University

Robert Palmatier, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing
Foster School
University of Washington

David Stewart, Ph.D.

President’s Professor of Marketing and Business Law
Loyola Marymount University

Olivier Toubia, Ph.D.

Glaubinger Professor of Business
Columbia University

Gal Zauberman, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing
Yale School of Management
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