Rebuttal Surveys and Reports

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) survey rebuttal experts are routinely retained to formulate expert rebuttal critiques or construct rebuttal surveys to show the potential difference in results with properly designed and executed surveys. We provide guidance on how to approach the opposing expert’s deposition. As a partner in your rebuttal strategy, AMS can offer consultation on multiple courses of action.

Our team of survey experts evaluates the quality and reliability of survey evidence. We provide assessments of the degree to which surveys conform to generally-accepted principles of proper survey research. AMS survey rebuttal experts have extensive experience and a deep understanding of survey design, sampling, question construction, data analysis, and methodological pitfalls that introduce bias or systematic error.

Our Experts are Ready to Help

Robert L. Klein, S.M.
Applied Marketing Science, Inc.
Brian M. Sowers, M.B.A.
Applied Marketing Science, Inc.
Steven Gaskin, S.M.
Applied Marketing Science, Inc.
Ravi Dhar, Ph.D.
George Rogers Clark Professor of Marketing
Yale School of Management

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