Patent Infringement Surveys

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) regularly develops and implements surveys for use in patent infringement disputes. The patent infringement surveys we conduct are used to assess awareness and usage of features relating to the alleged infringed patents. Our surveys provide a reliable basis for calculating damages by determining the value that customers place on the particular product element that is alleged to be infringing.

AMS consultants and survey experts are experienced in conducting consumer surveys for litigation and have a strong understanding of the legal standards for patent infringement survey research. We are rigorous in designing and analyzing our surveys, from the identification of the appropriate population, to the development of graphic and video visuals to provide clear explanations of features at issue, to the design of question format and wording and the selection of the proper statistical analysis.

AMS has successfully conducted patent litigation surveys in matters involving a broad range of products and industries. Our surveys have been accepted by numerous courts to prove and refute allegations of patent infringement in high stakes cases.

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