Surveys in Trademark Litigation

Consumer surveys are one of the most powerful tools available in trademark or trade dress infringement cases, deceptive advertising, class action cases, and many other types of litigation. Yet despite the success of surveys in bringing about favorable settlements, many attorneys are still not familiar with the basics of consumer surveys and how they can […] read more →
AMS Presenters: Brian Sowers, Jacqueline A Chorn, Ph.D. and Marcello Santana, Esq.
Time: 57:00

Proving Irreparable Harm with Consumer Surveys

Join AMS Survey Expert, Brian Sowers, Senior Manager, Marcello Santana, Esq., and Senior Analyst, Laura Paige, Ph.D., for a webinar on how consumer surveys can be used to prove irreparable harm in trademark infringement cases. In this webinar, we discuss what is presumed and necessary in proving irreparable harm and explore a variation of a […] read more →
AMS Presenters: Brian Sowers and Marcello Santana, Esq.
Time: 28:38

Consumer Perception Surveys in False Advertising Matters

Join AMS Survey Experts, Jacqueline Chorn and Brian Sowers, for a webinar on consumer perception surveys in false advertising matters. In this webinar, Jacqueline and Brian will discuss when a survey can be useful in false advertising matters, the basic format used for typical consumer perception surveys, and present a series of common issues that […] read more →
AMS Presenters: Jacqueline A. Chorn, Ph.D. and Brian Sowers
Time: 30:34

AMS/Venable LLP Webinar: Consumer Surveys in Advertising Law

Consumer surveys play an increasingly important role in advertising law, whether it’s a Lanham Act case, a regulatory or self-regulatory matter, or just internal counseling. Yet, despite the increasing use of such surveys, many attorneys are still not familiar with the basics of these surveys and how they can be used. Applied Marketing Science (AMS) […] read more →
AMS Presenters: Jacqueline A. Chorn, Ph.D. and Jason Och
Time: 0:60:00

Field Support for Litigation Research

For surveys used in litigation, the fieldwork component is just as important as the design, analysis, and reporting. Even the best designed survey can be rendered inadmissible without the right respondents and quality data. In this webinar, we will cover some of the methods of fieldwork used in litigation, as well as the benefits, drawbacks, […] read more →
AMS Presenters: Angela McCue and Sarah Schomp
Time: 27:31

Conjoint Analysis: Providing a Basis for Damages in Class Action Litigation

Over the last few years, Conjoint Analysis has been utilized as a basis for damages calculations in Class Action matters. We will describe the conjoint analysis methodology and give several examples of how it has been successfully used. Webinar topics will include: Advantages of conducting conjoint analysis for class action matters Steps in designing and […] read more →
AMS Presenters: Steve Gaskin and Amanda Ford
Time: 25:18

Make a Statement (PART 1): Why claim substantiation matters

An unsubstantiated advertising claim can derail an otherwise effective marketing campaign. This webinar will discuss the methodologies of competent and reliable scientific evidence for substantiating advertising claims. Concerned about what unintended message your advertisement communicates? We will also discuss how to measure consumer perception and the importance of ensuring a good fit between the substantiation […] read more →
AMS Presenter: Jacqueline A. Chorn, Ph.D.
Time: 26:54

Designing consumer perception surveys in false advertising cases: Common issues and considerations

Consumer perception surveys are frequently offered in false advertising disputes, and the ability to evaluate survey evidence is an invaluable skill for case participants. read more →
AMS Presenters: Caroline C. Otis, Ph.D. and Terri Seligman, J.D. (Frankfurt Kurnit Klein + Selz)
Time: 29:02