Class Action Surveys

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) has extensive experience developing and implementing surveys for class action matters. In these cases, our class action surveys are often used to demonstrate the similarity or dissimilarity of experiences among potential class members, including analyses of customers’ reasons for purchasing a product, experiences with a product and product uses.

The class action surveys we conduct for plaintiffs measure the extent to which putative class members did not receive the benefit of the bargain because of the defendant’s alleged misconduct. Employing a widely used market research technique called conjoint analysis, AMS survey experts are able to calculate the value that consumers place on a product feature and, therefore, the price premium that the defendant was able to extract from consumers due to the alleged misconduct.

For defendants, our class certification surveys are used to demonstrate that a class should not be granted because of significant differences among potential class members in their experiences or in their reasons purchasing a particular product or service. These cases involve an analysis of factors such as numerosity, commonality, and typicality.

AMS consultants and the class action survey experts they support are experienced in conducting consumer surveys for litigation and have a strong understanding of the legal standards for survey research. We take care to ensure that every facet of our class action surveys can withstand critiques from the opposing party.

For more than three decades, AMS has provided class action surveys for cases involving:

  • Defective products
  • Deceptive and false advertising
  • Manipulative business practices
  • Consumer privacy

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