Steven Gaskin, S.M.

Applied Marketing Science, Inc.

Steve Gaskin is a consultant at Applied Marketing Science (AMS) and serves as an expert witness for legal cases, with a specialty in conjoint analysis for class action. Steve began his marketing career in the ASSESSOR Division of Management Decision Systems, Inc., where he became head of research and development. He is also the developer of RAPIDS, a sales force optimization tool that helps managers determine the best size and structure for their sales force. In addition, he was president of The Delphi Group, working on worldwide new vehicle sales forecasting for the Ford Motor Company. Steve co-authored an article with MIT Professor Glen Urban on market share rewards to pioneering brands, which won the TIMS College of Marketing award for best paper of 1986. He has also published a number of articles on new choice modeling methodologies, most recently in the Journal of Marketing Research.

Steve has developed proprietary models for measuring the sales lift from trade promotions at the store-item level, as well as models for household-level targeting for major consumer packaged goods manufacturers and grocery chains. He also implemented the first commercial application of Fastpace, a new adaptive conjoint analysis technique developed as part of MIT’s Virtual Customer Initiative. The journal article describing FastPace was published in Marketing Science and won the John D. C. Little Award for Best Marketing Science Paper for 2003.

Steve received his S.B. degree from the Sloan School of Management at M.I.T. in 1977. He received his S.M. degree in 1983 at the Sloan School, winning the Brooks Prize for best Master’s Thesis.

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