Case Studies

Trademark Infringement

AMS provides rebuttal testimony in outdoor grilling products infringement matter

Applied Marketing Science’s survey rebuttal is key in recent TTAB decision

AMS survey cited as basis for ruling in trademark infringement matter

Survey submitted as evidence that the trade dress of a prescription drug has acquired secondary meaning

Teflon survey used to demonstrate client’s mark functions as a trademark for coffee-related products

AMS survey cited as basis for precedential TTAB dilution claim decision

Survey sparks withdrawal of trademark registration application

Survey showing secondary meaning leads to license agreement

Summary judgment for search engine provider driven by survey rebuttal critique

Athletic shoe manufacturer uses survey data to prevail against retailer

Dental supplier defends trade dress by critiquing plaintiff survey

Survey shows toy packaging causes confusion

Judge rules for plaintiff in bakery trademark matter

Deceptive Advertising

Class Action

Patent Infringement


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