Proving Irreparable Harm with Consumer Surveys

Join AMS Survey Expert, Brian Sowers, Senior Manager, Marcello Santana, Esq., and Senior Analyst, Laura Paige, Ph.D., for a webinar on how consumer surveys can be used to prove irreparable harm in trademark infringement cases. In this webinar, we discuss what is presumed and necessary in proving irreparable harm and explore a variation of a well-established survey methodology that can be used to show the damage to brand value caused by an allegedly infringing mark. Included will be the details of three separate experiments conducted by AMS to validate the methodology. Specific topics to be discussed include:

  • Recent cases involving irreparable harm
  • The history of the presumption of irreparable harm
  • What judges look for as evidence of irreparable harm
  • Experiments conducted by AMS, based on real-world cases, in which damage to brand value has been directly measured using well-known survey methodology
  • The benefits of using online surveys to support preliminary injunctions

AMS Presenters: Brian Sowers and Marcello Santana, Esq.
Time: 28:38
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