Surveys in Trademark Litigation

Consumer surveys are one of the most powerful tools available in trademark or trade dress infringement cases, deceptive advertising, class action cases, and many other types of litigation. Yet despite the success of surveys in bringing about favorable settlements, many attorneys are still not familiar with the basics of consumer surveys and how they can be used.

Please join Applied Marketing Science (AMS) for a one-hour webinar where we discuss the use of survey evidence in intellectual property litigation. This webinar will focus on how survey research can be an effective tool for attorneys when advising clients on how to navigate through complex Lanham Act cases.

Webinar topics include:

  • Applications of surveys used for litigation
  • Advantages of conducting a survey for litigation
  • Factors to consider when hiring a survey expert
  • Cases where a survey was a critical piece of evidence

AMS Presenters: Brian Sowers, Jacqueline A Chorn, Ph.D. and Marcello Santana, Esq.
Time: 57:00
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